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4D Toto

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4D Toto Lottery


Spend the least money and win the most money 4D lottery is arguably the most popular lottery type in Singapore. This widely-known computerized lottery system often throws up big winners in Singapore, individuals whose fortunes change overnight.

4d Lotto Result Singapore Pool Today

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4D Toto is a very simple lottery game; you have to pick six numbers between 1 and 49. These are your winning numbers, and if three or more numbers are drawn during the lottery reveal, you are a winner. It is as simple as that. The more number you have been allotted matches with the drawn lot, the better your fit prize would be.

There are several tricks that one can apply while choosing a lot for the 4d toto in Singapore. One of the more common ways you can significantly boost your chances of victory is by picking an even combination of the odd and even numbers. This is one of the more successful ways you can boost your winning chances in the live 4d lottery results in Singapore.

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